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Gold Shopping with, Page Perfect Tech

Gold Shopping with

Client: Shinedove

Gold Shopping with, Page Perfect Tech

Project Overview: Shinedove, a forward-thinking jewelry retailer, teamed up with Page Perfect Tech to establish a unique online shopping experience for customers seeking to purchase gold on EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) basis. The challenge was to create a secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform that allowed customers to purchase gold jewelry with flexible payment options.


  1. Complex Payment Model: Designing an intuitive EMI-based payment system for gold purchases required careful planning to ensure transparency and simplicity in the user experience.
  2. Security and Trust: Since gold purchases involve significant financial transactions, building trust with customers through robust security measures was paramount.
  3. User Education: Guiding customers through the EMI process and explaining the benefits required clear communication and user-friendly interfaces.

Our Approach:

1. EMI Payment System: We designed a user-friendly EMI payment system that clearly outlined the installment options for each product. Customers could select the preferred tenure and view the corresponding monthly payments before making a purchase decision.

2. Security and Encryption: To address security concerns, we implemented advanced encryption measures to protect customers’ financial information during the checkout process. SSL certificates and secure payment gateways were integrated to ensure secure transactions.

3. Educational Resources: We incorporated informative sections that educated customers about the EMI process, advantages, and eligibility criteria. This ensured that customers were well-informed before making a purchase.

4. Mobile Responsiveness: The platform was developed to be fully responsive across devices, allowing customers to explore and make purchases comfortably from desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

5. Inventory Management: We integrated inventory management features that updated product availability in real-time, preventing customers from selecting products that were out of stock.


1. Simplified Gold Shopping: Shinedove’s customers could now purchase gold jewelry with greater ease and flexibility, thanks to the user-friendly EMI payment system.

2. Enhanced Trust and Security: The implementation of robust security measures and encryption protocols established trust with customers, encouraging them to complete transactions with confidence.

3. Customer Empowerment: The educational resources helped customers understand the EMI process, empowering them to make informed decisions about their gold purchases.

4. Improved User Engagement: The responsive design and simplified checkout process led to increased user engagement and reduced cart abandonment rates.

5. Positive Customer Feedback: Customers expressed their appreciation for the transparent and user-friendly EMI system, praising Shinedove for making gold shopping more accessible.

Conclusion: Through a collaborative effort with Page Perfect Tech, Shinedove successfully launched an innovative e-commerce platform that revolutionized gold shopping with EMI options. The platform’s user-friendly design, transparent payment system, and commitment to security have elevated the online shopping experience for customers seeking to purchase gold jewelry.

Gold Shopping with, Page Perfect Tech
Gold Shopping with, Page Perfect Tech
Gold Shopping with, Page Perfect Tech

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